Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Walk with Dogs-Jesus is Everything

Taking the dogs on their morning constitution I pondered an often used cliche, "Jesus Is My Everything."

A cynical giggle started the conversation. Holy Spirit was quick to ask why I was laughing. Thoughts stopped for a moment and listened to the challenge: what does that mean?

The Sunday School Jesus was not my everything. He didn't remove me from harmful situations. He didn't change people around me. Life was like Alice's Wonderland and Sunday School Jesus didn't fit there.

Pausing for the dogs to make their deposit I realized; as I grew up in Wonderland, Sunday School Jesus became a character, but the Real Jesus became my companion. It is through this Real Jesus that I have access to an unconditionally loving Father. Heavenly Father is ever present, knows my every need and provides for it perfectly. He never leaves or forgets me. He looks upon me as a work good of art, pleasant and valuable.

Through this Real Jesus I have access to Holy Spirit. A presence that is unconditionally nurturing and affirming. A voice who whispered words of bravery to my heart. A Teacher who challenges and patiently instructs me in the ways of constructive life. The Spirit grants me strength as I walk away from destructive examples and methods of living. A constant Presence of companionship and regeneration. A reason to live with a purpose to fulfill.

Because Jesus voluntarily gave His life for the cost of my wrongs, no longer do I need to feel alone and lost. I can boldly come before the throne to a place I am accepted. I have light for understanding and decisions. As the sweet Spirit and I finished the mile walk the truth was cemented and I giggled with delight.: Jesus is my Everything.

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