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Cracked Pots

Originally posted August 19, 2011
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The bulk of my experiences within Women’s Ministry are centered on these principles:

1. Have sex with your husband
2. Pray for your husband.
3. Smile no matter what.
4. Be kind to him regardless.
5. Keep a clean house.
6. Have sex with your husband.
7. ALWAYS look pretty- Check the lipstick
8. Have sex.

If you do these things everything will be fantastic. Your husband will be happy. Marriage will find blissful fulfillment.
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Put in a scoop.
Turn on the machine.
Perfect load every time.

Now, I like sex. Steps one and five are never an issue for me. When the boys were little it was the only “adult” activity in my entire day. With the teens around now, it is a bit tricky. Our bedroom upstairs, teens awake until Dracula goes to bed. Sex feels a bit like a spectator sport. Sometimes I wonder if three sets of score cards will be slipped under the door to rate our performance.

Praying for my husband is not a problem. Often that man brings me to my knees and cry out for wisdom. But to pray for him to have “favor in the marketplace” or be “a spiritual leader” are no longer my focus. We are co-heirs in Christ therefore I pray that he would grow in his understanding of God’s love for him. That he would understand Father’s will and have the power to carry it out.

On a hot date one night we went to a mandatory homeschool meeting. The topic aimed at Husbands to remember that the wife is the "weaker vessel." The main point communicated was this:

Women: have sex with your husbands.
Men: remember they can't help it. They are the weaker vessel.

Feeling like Ingo Montoya and wanting to yell at the sweet, soft-spoken speaker:
“YOU keep saying that word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means! Vessel is not derogatory.”

Deciding not to allow subjugation to ruin a perfectly good date night, I filed it away with as we left. The Mutant and I went to see “Crazy Stupid Love" in order to salvage the night.  In it, the husband admits his anger toward the choices his wife made, but he is also angry with himself; for becoming lazy. For not appreciating her as he should.

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A breath of fresh air blew across my heart. What if living In Understanding is exactly that: an equality of appreciation. The topics tumbled around in my brain on the ride home.

Frustration won and spoke, “You know, It's not fair! Men can talk
about these verses all the time and women have to sit and listen. But, when women talk about them men feel emasculated then claim offence."

The Mutant replied, "I was thinking about what you said. Women are the weaker vessel; they need to be handled gently so they don't break."

"Yes!" I felt relieved, "We as women need to care for our men realizing they can be broken too. I acknowledge that, maybe..."

A Home Depot blazed past my window and the euphoria of understanding painted the perfect picture.

"…Maybe women are more like porcelain and men are like terracotta. Both can break if not carefully handled."

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  1. I love this. I remember having a hard time with this reference until it was likened to the porcelain and terra-cotta pots. That the 'weaker' vessel may mean an actual physical reference as our 'vessel' is built differently. Our spiritual leader also mentioned that because it's a precious vessel it needed to be treated with more reverence as the contents it holds is usually more valuable or special than the everyday use of a stronger vessel.


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