Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful-26

I am feeling a little themey this week and as this is Thanksgiving weekend it is only fitting.

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A moment- They were grateful they survived. Out of a 101 people, 52 sat at a table after a long winter. Those 52 shared a meal with the people who helped them. This simple moment of found Puritan Separatists, Merchants, Sailors and Native Americans sitting at a table and breaking bread.

Food- The celebrated with what they had. Simplicity at its best and something we miss out on in our time of marketing and social expectations.

Cranberry-Pear Pie: I stumbled upon this when the kids were younger. It is sweetened with maple syrup and orange juice. No modern refined sugars. Every time I make it, I feel a little more connected with that original group.

Traditions- This is a tricky word. Often we can get lost in what we had. Family members or gatherings that can no longer happen make the soul groan. On the flip side, every year can be the birth of tradition. A mistake one year can become the standard for the next. I don’t think that original group thought they were doing anything “traditional.”

Family- I had many talks with my kids this week. I asked them this question, “What does ‘Family is forever’ mean to you?” This is some of what I heard:

Family is family. You’re related. Connected. If you have a good family then that is great. If you don’t, it is hard. But, the connection never goes away. You just have to learn how to manage it.

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Wine- Need I say any more?

Being still- The Mutant, Ase, Zaney and GirlyK dance. I am the gopher. Next weekend begins the final rehearsals until Nutcracker. We have been in rehearsals since September for it. This is four days for everyone to catch up on sleep, shows, and books along with preparing for finals. The calm before the storm.

Twinkling lights- Winter here is fog. Sometimes it simply socks in the valley. Other times it touches the ground. Filling the house with fairy lights helps my brain keep track of what is day time and which is night time.

Frozen- We have a tradition of seeing a movie on Thanksgiving night. This year was Frozen with  Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell All five of us plus a few extras snuggled in for song and laughter. Since then, the music has been playing constantly. GirlyK almost has the whole soundtrack memorized. GO SEE IT!

The practice of gratitude- It helps me keep everything in perspective. When my soul’s groans get a little too loud, it helps to focus on something. Slowing down and savoring a moment, a color, laughter or a song is the perfect salve to a scarred heart.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I think this is the first time I have stumbled onto your blog. LOVE the theme of it and your post. Thank you so much for sharing...and any chance you'd care to share the pie recipe you mentioned? Sounds delish!

    Have a fabulous week! ~ Kris

  2. FUn post this week! Im with Kris... the pie sounds awesome!

  3. A truly beautiful, Thanksgiving-y post. Many thanks for sharing this, and so many well-considered thoughts about the holidays (I might extrapolate a few of them to manage Christmas...) and family.

    The Nutcracker is one of my favourites, and what a privilege to be supporting the production in this way.

    I've heard a LOT about Frozen...but at the moment I only just watched Rise of the Guardians yesterday, and am still thinking it would be hard to top ;)

  4. it is an interesting and yet challenging exercise to put yourself in the life of the people are the basis for our Thanksgiving tradition. How incredibly different life must have been, but at the same time, maybe the people then were not all that terribly different from our families and friends.
    enjoyable post this week.


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