Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ten Things Of Thankful-Week 25

Grateful for rain- We don’t get much of it around here, so when it does rain life stops. We sit at windows and watch it fall. We taste the air as we breathe, savoring the hint of change in our California weather. So caught up in the glory of it all, I did not take a single picture to share with you. I was too busy snuggling under a blanket listening to it the music.

Nutcracker- As a family of performers. Nutcracker is full swing for us. We have decided it deserves its own holiday. Well, Baileys did a brilliant bit about it. Enjoy!

This whole interwebs thing- Nothing is more fun than meeting new people. Twitter is my favorite place for that right now. Years’ worth of faith questions debated, discussed and satirized all in one place. Listening to another’s journey in faith encourages mine to continue. Micha J. Murray follows up last week’s How Feminism Hurts Men with his own story: How I Became A Feminist.

To Do lists- I am a complete failure at them, but I make them anyway. Having one helps me feel accomplished during the day because a task is crossed off. Also, learning how to graciously deal with interruptions and not able to cross anything off is the best exercise. It has been that kind of week.

Sunshine- After three days of overcast-albiet wonderful rain- it is nice to see that glowing orb again. Gray clouds frost a blue sky as fall leaves dance to the ground.

Daisy- It is that time of year when our tile floor is cold. All winter she will come, bark and bounce on the floor until I pick her up so she can tuck into my jacket. THIS is why many of my To Dos don’t get done. Who could say “NO” to a cuddle?

Watson- We had to put our red dachshund down a little more than a month ago, which left Daisy the queen of the castle. She is a spectacular cuddler, but runs out of steam during my morning walks. Two weeks ago, This basset hound joined our family. As mellow as bassets seem, they love long walks. Now I am forced, three to four times a day, to fulfill his five mile need.

Friend/Unfriend button- I wish life had one of these buttons. It would take the guesswork out of every relationship. Friendships ebb and flow. Not all people are meant to stay in my life forever. I savor the time spent, the stories and camaraderie then, sometimes, we go separate ways. No drama necessary.

Giggling- from Jimmy Fallon, to prepare you for Thanksgiving.

AND with two boys-even if they are men- anything in underwear is funny.

Of course I am grateful for you, who stopped by. More new people to get to know on life's journey!

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Watson is a beautiful dog - I wish I could reach through the screen and stroke his silky fur! I agree with yuo about the ebb and flow of friendships. I've 'lost' people who I thought would be in my life forever. It hurts, but I guess it's a lesson learnt in time. I love 'to do' lists too! I write lists for lists ,,, and then I go and lose them all! LOL :) hope you have a wonderful week ahead. xx

    1. Sometimes I think I write them just so I won't do it. What's with that?! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Awwww Watson's fur is so SHINY! He looks happy.

    That jingle bells video!! Only on American telly!

    *hugs* I hope the friendships which remain, and the new ones you make will be beautiful and sustaining

    Thanks for sharing the Jimmy Kimmel. Love that guy (in small doses) :D

  3. oh my goodness! Skip was supposed to be a basset named Sherlock! BUt he needed us more so we have a poodle who came with his own name... I adore Watson! And Skip too! Next time! Love jimmy Fallon as well... and snuggling daisies!

  4. That K-Mart video was hilarious! Leave it to K-Mart once again...remember the one they had last year? The "ship my pants" one? Wow.

  5. Twitter is my favorite social media site as well. You are a dog lover! They are so cute. I am really enjoying reading everyone's post on this linkup!


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