Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful- Wrap-up 12

New Year’s is just around the corner. I thought sharing this year’s firsts would be a fitting end to 2013.

Started with Zany getting his driver’s license-The boys were always a 1-2 punch because they are 16 months apart which made them more like twins than brothers. It is nice for them each to drive and also a little sad. I miss the after school conversations in the car. I miss seeing them as often, but I love how they are growing in independence.

Jurassic Park in 3D- Amazingly enough, the kids missed out on this movie. Between Disney, Lord Of The Rings and Transformers the topic of dinosaurs settled near the bottom of the list. Truth is, there is only one way to see Jurassic Park, and that is on the BIG screen with great sound. They loved it!

GirlyK’s first Science Fair- I homeschool through the local private school in town. One of her requirements is to participate in the science fair. The science part was not the problem. How to translate what she likes into a project was. What we decided on was; “What is the biggest pest on an almond ranch?” We went to a friend’s ranch, collected owl pellets for her to dissect. She then identified the skulls and Voila! Gophers

*Side note: When we went to see Hotel Transylvania and they were playing Bingo. I immediately knew she was holding a mouse skull.

A New Dining room Light- The Mutant found pinterest and he made this. 

I observed Lent- As a protestant evangelical, much of the liturgy is lost on me. One of the tragedies of American Protestantism is we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. I understood Easter, but not really Lent. This year I was curious and did the research. Prayerfully I observed and the most amazing thing happened, I found a new freedom from things I had wrestled with for years. I felt a new reverence for Easter.

I celebrated my freedom- Healing takes time. This has been the most frustrating truth of my life. Through my Lenten journey, I decided to pause and put a work of art on my skin that reflected the healed scar on my heart. A friend of mine, Craig Fraser,  is a fantastic artist and I have always admired his work. So three weeks before Easter, I sat in his house with one of my oldest and dearest friends. This was the result.

Once Upon a Mattress- The play that started Ase’s journey into dance, completed his senior year. Asked to choreograph Once Upon a Mattress was the highlight of his year. Zany gave up swim team just to be in the show with his brother. Watching his confidence bloom within this  sweet serendipity made my mother’s heart swell.

Took the kids beach camping- Jalama Beach is a complete off the grid kind of place. From 1982-1989, my church’s youth group would spend 10 days there. It was heaven. Our first year, the showers were made from 2x4s, garbage bags and garden hoses. My last year with the camp revealed real showers, with HOT water!! The camp hasn’t changed since then. No cell service. No electricity. Just an estuary, open beach for as far as the eye can see and quiet. They can’t wait to go back.

Invited to my first Blog Hop- New to this blogging thing and not sure where it is all going or even if anyone was reading, I received an invitation to Hump Day Hook-Up on
Wednesdays. It was perfect, I needed to move old blogging stuff to this one. It was an accountability opportunity to post once a week. AND! someone liked me!

Ase graduated- His childhood officially over, Ase is now launched into adulthood. He spent the summer looking for a job, figuring out college, budgeting and other grown up things. I didn’t cry about it like my other mommy friends. I couldn’t. This is what all the hard work is about. To see them grow and launch into the world successfully. So, with beaming smiles I watched him graduate.

Zany spent the summer away- Somehow this boy worked out the details of spending the summer at a ballet school in Torrence. The Lauridsen Ballet Center and Diane were fantastic to him. He thrived there and came back with the skills and technique to be Mouse King and Soldier Doll in Nutcracker.

Got a black eye-I walked the dogs yesterday and Watson wanted to say hello to a little girlriding a pink scooter. Of course I laughed about it all day and you can read the whole story here. For some reason The Mutant looks at me funny and is reluctant to take me out in public. Of course, they all stifle a giggle when I look at them.

I cannot wait to see what firsts I get to experience in 2014.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Ouch! I went and read your post about the black eye. I haven't ended up with a shiner in ages, but I tripped over a dog leash a few years back and lost in a knee vs. brick battle.

    Tell your Watson to dial back the friendly a notch (to save you from further injury), then give him a pat for me--I love bassets!

  2. Ouch! My knees are skinned up too. thanks for the live.

  3. WOW! That black eye is EPIC! I've never had one, so it's still on my bucket list! Thank you so much for having the generosity of spirit to make it into such a funny post though - I did laugh!

    Your tattoo is beautiful, and I'm glad you had it done, and that it's so meaningful. You've had some wonderful things going on this year, and I wish you a 2014 fuller with more loveliness than the year just gone :)

  4. Thank you Lizzi so much for including me in this hop. I look forward to it every week. Thankfulness and laughter make the world go around.

  5. ugh. The science fair. I am not a fan of them. It might be because the rules of our school mean there are up to three going on at the same time in our house. My kids dissect owl pellets at school in 5th grade and love it. I'm sure that was a fun project for your daughter.
    I'm glad you were able to find the good of Lent this year. It really can be a wonderful time in the liturgical calendar.
    Beach camping...Not a chance in this world would I be doing that. I love to look at the ocean, but the thought of having sand in every crevice for an entire week? Oh no way.
    Wow, this comment makes me sound very negative and curmudgeonly.
    There were lots of wonderful things in your life this year! I'm sorry about that black eye, though. I'm not surprised the Mutant wants to keep you hidden until it heals. :)
    Here's to a wonderful new year!

    1. You don't sound curmudgeonly at all. I love reading about your adventures with kids. Beach camping and roughing it is not for everyone. I feel the same way about an extended stay in a fancy hotel. One of my aims this year is to learn more about the liturgical calendar so I can participate in Advent and abandon this "War on Christmas" nonsense.

  6. So sorry about the dog walking escapade and the ensuing black eye :( ! Yikes, that's quite a shiner. And love your tattoo, I've often thought about getting one but don't have the nerve, yours is a beauty. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks. It took me a long time before I got my first one (I only have two.) I wanted to make sure it was something meaningful not simply a fad. Now that I am getting older, it is kind of fun to decorate the saggy baggy bits.

  7. damn!
    (nice 'surprise' ending to the 'dramatic arc' of this Post! …)

    yow… looks painful.

    the rest of your year looks to have been one of accomplishment and hard-work recognized and rewarded.
    very cool

  8. The kids driving part is truly bittersweet. I had some of my best conversations with my kids in the car. But you are right. It is the move toward independence. And OUCH on the face! Hope you are feeling better.
    Goodby 2013. Hello 2014.

  9. Oh not my watson! What a shiner! I hate camping but the thought of it on the beach is attractive even to me.congrats on launching the kids into the world!

  10. OH NO to your poor eye! Healing does take time...I couldn't see that photo though and would love to. Happy, happy new year! Also, blog hops are awesome. And I like you! :)


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