Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful-#30

Ten Things of Thankful

Last week was a doozy of emotions. While I did write in my gratitude journal, I was not able to hop in the Ten Things of Thankful crowd. This week however, wild horses will have to drag me away.

Nerf War: My weekend finished on the highest note. It was exactly what I needed. GirlyK got a Nerf Rebelle for Christmas. Of course this meant Ase and Zany needed to update their armory. While I was attempting to gather myself and write last weeks post, Ase, Ase’s girlfriend, The Counting Mutant, Zany, and GirlyK gathered their weapons together and burst through the back door. The squealing in the back yard blasting the crap out of each other lasted for an hour. My harmony loving heart is full and happy. It set the tone for the entire week.

My Mother in Law: Counting Mutant’s Mom fell this week and broke her ankle the day before New Year’s Eve. At 85, she is still full of love for those around her. I learned graceful patience from her. I learned about joy, laughter and the art of conversation from her. She taught me that joy was possible in this job of Mothering.  She had surgery and is now in rehab for a while.

The Holidays are OVER! Normalcy came on Monday, with Counting Mutant and Ase at work, Zany back in school, GirlyK’s homeschooling schedule could resume. We intended the day to be super productive, but we ended up basking in the stillness of the house. Moving at our own pace through the assignments and To-Dos.

Science Fair is DONE! The homeschool group we are affiliated with is through a private school. The official classification is Private Satellite School Program (PSP.) One of the requirements for Jr. High is to participate in the school’s science fair. Girly K loves her science-just read the Dead Cat story-but she’s not a fan of the presentation/art side. This year she decided to focus on that. The three days she worked on her board paid off. The number's sweater and the promise to dye her hair with Kool-aid helped her motivation.

And of course she is already planning for next year-BUT for now, the lab is empty.

Frozen:That film. On Tuesday, after the Science Fair, GirlyK and I celebrated by lunching and a movie. It seemed a perfect bookend. The film started our holidays so it should end it. Simply the reminder that love thaws fear added to my week’s focus.

Gracious friends: Typically in January, after the holiday rush, my fibro tends to flair. This week has been no different. Anxiety attacks have been a regular visitor to my afternoon, along with a touch of fibro fog. This usually means I limit who I speak to because what comes out of my mouth is so unpredictable. Wednesday at coffee with a friend, I sounded like a cell phone call breaking up. Incomplete sentences, forgotten thoughts and out of context replies were embarrassingly apparent. My friend never even blinks or looks confused, just happily sits and we converse like everything is normal.

Dogs: Yup. Them again. Part of the flair up this time was pain. I think my body is still complaining about falling. It is great to HAVE to walk them because it makes the pain phase process faster. They help me remember, if I rest, I only make it worse.

Slaughtered the Laundry Monster: Somehow the holidays knocked the laundry schedule off its ear. Counting Mutant’s pile was taller than me. It only took me two days to get it all caught up and put away. It is the little victories.

Clean food: I am back on the no soda, refined sugars/flour-only whole foods wagon . Once through the detox faze I know I will feel better and the fibro will calm down. I am already sleeping better. For a basic run down of what clean eating is, check out Fit n' Fab's meme

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Zany and I saw it last weekend. Throughout the week, others in the house have gone as well. I loved the original with Danny Kaye so much, I was a little concerned about what Ben Stiller would do to it. The result is a breathtaking, thought provoking story. It is worth seeing it on a big screen.


  1. Um. A mountain of laundry taller than you is no 'small thing'. It's incredible!

    I'm glad that you've been having some fun with movies, and friends, and your dogs, and that you have firm plans in place to help ease the pain and move back into a more manageable phase of life.

    I hope that the normalcy helps.

    And I'm glad that your MIL is getting the care she needs to recover as soon as possible :)

    1. Normalcy helps so much. It is the "just keep swimming" that steadies my forward motion. I really need to write a post about it. Maybe this week...

  2. I made it through the laundry mountain myself if you don't count putting it away. There's still the one basket right next to me.
    Lovely tribute to your MIL.

    1. I tried replying last night, but blogspot kept kicking me off. Clean laundry is clean laundry. Putting it away is another task entirely. I think I deserve a parade when it all gets put away. Still a pile of socks at the end of my bed needing to be paired.

  3. This is such a good list and I have so much to say! Let's start with the Nerf war! My boys got a Retaliator and a RapidStrike for Christmas and Nerf wards are always going on here. They can be so much fun. And I want to comment that if that is a shot of your backyard, it is lovely!
    Your mother in law sounds like a treasure and I hope with all my heart that she mends quickly and completely.
    I have to agree 100% on being glad the holidays are over. Yahoo!
    Good for your girl for working so hard on the science fair project and I love her hair!
    I have heard so much about Frozen and I am going to have to take my daughter to see it. Although, I'm not always a Ben Stiller fan and was on the fence about Walter Mitty, I may add it to my list as well. So thanks for the recommendations!
    I can't speak of laundry.....ours never, ever, ever goes away and it is a thorn in my side. I won't speak of!
    Hope you get to and keep feeling better!

    1. I agree with the Ben Stiller thing. Some of his stuff I like, others are simply too silly for me. I really was pleasantly surprised. It should get some Oscar nods for cinematography.

      If we don't speak of laundry, it doesn't exist. Right?

  4. Nothing like a good nerd war to get everyone in a good mood!
    Your mother-in-law sounds wonderful. I so enjoy hearing women saying positive things about their mother-in-laws. It doesn't happen very often. I hope she heals up nicely
    I am sorry to hear about your fibro fog. I know it well. For a while I had a rheumatologist who thought I had fibro and put me on meds. My brain pretty muched stopped working while I was on it. I hope this flare is short lived.

    1. I hate how meds can complicate brain fog. I quit taking one medication over the summer because I was such a zombie. Before, I could not be productive. Now, I sound like an idiot, but I can get things done which is a huge relief.

  5. you should join us on next week's Video Chat! (no, before you think *that* I will say that it is all the good and none of the bad of a social gathering of friends and semi-strangers!*) We always start at about 7 pm EST (which might be a bit on the late side in your time zone) but even if for but a few minutes.

    * I can say that as a host and a clark, sitting and listening/watching the others is considered the total height of being a party animal! lol

    1. I will have to do some math and see what the weekend holds for me. Also figure out this Video Chat. I do have skype, but I think that is a different thing. It sounds so fun!

  6. Ah, the laundry mountain...we have those. Constantly. Just about the time I think it's all finished, put the last sock in the last drawer, and turn's back!

    Frozen was awesome - we took Kidzilla to see it when it first opened and we loved it! I would really like to get her back to see it again before it leaves theaters. Perhaps this weekend.

    You're so right about better eating helping things like fibromyalgia. I notice big differences in my RA symptoms when I deviate from my normal "good" eating habits and stray into takeout or too much of something I know will trigger inflammation, etc. Here's to good health and managed pain! :)

  7. NERF WAR! Awesome!

    I am SO excited to hear from someone who a) knows of the original Danny Kaye version, and b) has seen the new one so I know it's actually GOOD. Very very excited to see it now!! I love Stiller but was concerned about this movie. Thrilled to know it's worth seeing.

    I have a similar relationship with my MIL. Love her truly, madly, deeply.

  8. Oh how I love reading and learning about you and your life and your blessings!!! It does pain me to read about your own pain though... I am so sorry you have to endure it over and over again, but I am also so grateful you have friends that are 'in it' with you and a family that is most gracious and loving!!!

    Your MIL sounds like a beautiful soul, I pray she heals fast.

  9. I didn't know The Secret Life was a remake. I haven't been rushing to see it but maybe I will reconsider. I definitely need to see Frozen although I feel a little funny going without kids!

  10. Nerf War! That's so much fun! I remember playing with Nerf toys when I was a kid. I'/m sure they're way more advanced now.


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