Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #31

Ten Things of Thankful

As weeks go, this one was a little better. A smidge toward the norm.

My Sister: I had planned on going to church, but just before I pried myself out of bed she called. A full time working mom with three kids, we usually catch a few minutes in the car on her way to work. Over the holidays and other things, moments alone were scarce for her. That long, yummy conversation with my sister was the perfect “church.”

Daisy- This is Daisy. Our whole downstairs is tile and, what we didn’t know, is very cold on Dachshund feet and low slung bellies. When the sliver of sun is gone for the day, she insists on climbing into my jacket for warmth. If I let her, she would stay there all day. She often keeps me scanning fb and twitter long after I should because of… THAT FACE!

Weekly Giggle- Saw this in flight safety video from Virgin Airlines. I already feel safer and learned something too!

Blogs- This was the week when EVERYONE had something fantastic to say. Some of my favorites were:
@DruHart on twitter has opened my eyes to the nuances of White Privilege and I have accepted the correction. He wrote about his own experience this week and I have been chewing on it ever since.
@StrngeFruit posted on the same topic. I spent the whole of Monday, with a dog in my jacket, reading and feeling divine changes happening.

Friends- I moved when I was a kid until my parents staked their claim in this Central California town. Most people are born here, schooled, work and die here. I struggled to fit into their small world. Finding friends who saw the world as a big place were few. Kelly, however did. Growing up we saw each other on occasion, but whenever we did, it felt like no time passed.

Long story short: she went to England with her family over the Holidays. They toured The Globe Theater in London. Perusing the gift shop, saw this cup and thought of me. After Bible Study on Wednesday, we had lunch and caught up, she gave it to me. Each time I look at it, my soul waxes with warmth.

The black eye is gone! No more skulking around for me- not that I really did that-but I did avoid certain places: Anywhere out with Counting Mutant-people looked at him funny. Bible Study/Church- all those gooey, comforting concerned people who want to smother with sympathetic looks.

20th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake- I am still working on the post about it. So many amazing things happened; it is hard to fit into a neat 500-800 word post. We were five miles from the epicenter in Woodland Hills, living on the fourth story of a wood constructed apartment complex built sometime in the 60s. To say we felt like a marble in a box is an understatement. Counting Mutant said that DeBie Hive’s post summed it up perfectly.

Ice Skating- Friday our homeschool group had a field trip to the ice rink. GirlyK is an apple from my tree when it comes to falling, but armed with hockey skates, she shimmied around for a while. Hanging with girlfriends as quirky as she is was the cherry on top.

Jr. High requirements- A sermon/speech is a requirement in our Jr. High program. She missed the Sermon night earlier in the year because of Nutcracker. After many reschedules, GirlyK’s group of friends gathered at our house to listen. Her chosen topic was Rahab. To listen to her articulate how Rahab the prostitute was a woman of faith and inspiration to her caused me pause.

Senior things- It was Zany’s Senior Winter Formal. He was on the fence about it until last week because he didn’t have a girl to take. As usual, he decided last minute to go. He didn’t want flowers, or pictures. He just dressed up and went to hang out with his friends. He did pause long enough for me to snap this.

Did you find any normal in your week?


  1. I LOVE Zany's neon green shirt. That is one cool sense of style :D

    Glad you're able to go out in public again without getting funny looks or oozing sympathy about the black eye. Hurrah for that.

    The mug is AMAZING! And your friend sounds brilliant. Thank GOODNESS for friends who you can meet up with again after ages, and it's no different as though it were yesterday.

    My 'church' this morning was sleep. Oops! Forgot to set the alarm!

  2. DAISY!!!! I could get all gooey just looking into those the green shirt...stylin! While the mug is makes your soul warm??? Its viciously bloody! But so well intentioned I guess!

    1. It warms my soul because I have often quoted that line in cursing: Shakespeare swears are not offensive. it's art. I can also get obsessive when I feel guilty about something. Working so hard to make it right instead of letting go and accepting the consequences. On top of all that, I am an odd duck. It isn't often that someone "gets" me and when those rare moments happen it is like sunshine to my weary heart.

  3. It is about time an airline did a safety video like that! For decades we've had to sit through the exact same boring speech. I wish Virgin Airlines had more flights through Indy!
    Poor little Daisy. I never would have thought the tile would affect a dog. (I say this as I wear my always-present slippers, as my feet get really cold on our hardwood floors.)
    Ice skating with friends is so much fun. I haven't done skated in eons. Perhaps a day with my daughter is in order.
    I'm glad your son went to the dance. The shirt and bow tie are fantastic. It seems that more and more people go to dances without dates. It's a great trend.

    1. I only realized it recently, when she slipped an ice cold paw down my shirt. I have a new respect for her now. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Daisy is adorable! I can see why you would be "trapped" on the computer.

    Glad the eye is all healed up now. Your comment about the gooey, comforting concerned people made me laugh, because I could just picture them. (Of course, I might be one of them sometimes, too.) When I'm hurt, I generally prefer to be around people that don't make a big deal about my pain. If someone is super sympathetic, that's when I lose it. Kind of like a little kid who falls down and looks around to see how she should react. :-)

    1. That is exactly it! I get in so much trouble though because it is so hard to explain to those gooey types.

  5. I love your son's outfit! Love color!
    Once when camping with The Dude (years and years ago), I managed to bang myself in the eye with an atlas (I can't explain this any better; I'm just a klutz) and gave myself a black eye. I didn't know since we were camping, and The Dude didn't tell me. I didn't discover the bruise until several days later when I used the bathroom in a restaurant. I was mortified thinking of all the people we had met and talked to!

    1. Classic! Don't you love when they do "nice" things like that?

  6. The mug is way cool. I have a friend who would LOVE that!
    Those puppy dog eyes are very compelling. Who could turn those down?
    I was in the Northridge earthquake, too. I have been thinking about writing a post about it, as it was my very first earthquake (start out with a bang, I say). I was in Ventura at the time. I look forward to reading your account of it.


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