Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #36

Ten Things of ThankfulI'm trying something a little different today. Writing on the mobile, so pardon the errors. Ase is attending the 24seven Dance convention in LA and wanted me to tag along. I'm sitting in the Westfield Mall, in cleanish air and sunshine.

Ase waiting for a day filled with dancing.
1-Ase is 19-  He could have come to this convention on his own, but he wanted me to tag along. In a season when he could be flying the coop, I am welcome in his life.

2- LA-so many things about this place. The autonomy. The cultural diversity. The beautifully flawed people. Somehow this town is grounding for me.

3- Cleanish air- Central Valley's inversion layer is killing me this year because of the drought. It has been nice to walk about outside and not have a sinus headache or migraine. Two days without a noticeable headache has been a vacation.

4- New Friends-There are a few acquaintances at the studio that I've wanted to get to know.  Not having to bite my tongue, being my quirky self and getting to know them has been beautiful.
A plant wall outside of Gelson's market

5-Gelsons my favorite LA market full of quirky food and across the street from the hotel we are staying at.

6-Dance. Ase told me this week it was what got him through every school day. Knowing he had dance class at the end of each day gave him the strength to deal with the teasing and bullying at school.

7- Good days. I had a really good week. Monday I woke up with energy,a first in over a month. I was able to mop, sweep, clean, laundry, school, work out and cook dinner. ALL IN ONE DAY! The rest of the week I was able to pace and get other things done around the house. It is so nice to be productive.

8- Yoga. I made it to yoga this week. I haven't been able to go since November. To sit and connect with myself in a still, quiet and safe place was grounding.

Beautiful everyday LA sunset.
9-Walking the dogs. because of my good week I was able to walk about  three miles a day without it knocking me out.

10. Technology. I thought I might miss the hop today because of being out of ten and lap topless, but somehow I made it. My heart overflows with wordless gratitudes over so many little things. I cannot wait to get home and read all of yours tomorrow as I stay in my jams all day and recover from my fun hangover.


  1. #1 - One of the best feelings is when my older kids hang out with me even when they don't have to, or choose to be with me when there are other options. Frankly, I'd have NEVER done that with my parents when I was their age!
    #10 - Lap topless sounds kind of racy! haha

  2. Hi, glad you were able to enjoy walking the dogs. I love walking mine too, but I live in the country. I couldn't imagine the LA smog. Thanks for joining TToT. Glad to meet you.
    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  3. The plant wall is COOL!

    I'm so glad that Ase has dance in his life, and that it's such a strong, driving force for him. The teasing and bullies will be left behind and he'll get in with a good crowd of people whose interests are similar to his. I hope the convention went really well.

    1. He has left them behind and I am grateful that the scars granted him pity for them not resentment. Finding friendships for him will simply take time. Right now he is happy with his GF and hanging around with us.

      The convention went well. He's weighing being a professional dancer or getting on with school. We've given him a gap year to figure it out. The weekend was a great reality check on what that world really looks like (in a sugar coated way.)


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