Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #37b- With a Full Heart

Ten Things of Thankful

My week was so full, I have enough material for two posts. After the amazing experience with Jury Duty on Tuesday, the adventure continued:

1. People to People: is an organization that sends kids to other countries in for a cultural exchange. The first year G visited London and Paris. Last year G went to Canada. This year G gets to go to Australia. In year’s past I’ve not been able to participate in the fundraisers. This year I could and Bunco was the perfect antidote to the day. Australian food suggested by A Mother Life accompanied by Australian wine. Even GirlyK tried some Vegimite!

2. Navigating friendships: I really hate when I’m right. AND it was confirmed when GirlyK procrastinated school work and had a minor meltdown before a homeschool Constitution class. I am proud of her for not wanting to answer in kind to the “good-hearted teasing” she’s on the other side of. Her thick skin and acutely logical mind can make friendships difficult for her to manage, BUT I’m proud of her integrity.

3 New cups: I am a sucker for a nice cup. I lost my favorite Starbucks one last weekend, and GirlyK needed the artistic therapy… so of course that meant new cups, new sharpies and DOODLES.

4. Irony: Since we call a spade a spade around here, I bought GirlyK this On Wednesdays We Wear Pink shirt as a reminder to own her own crap during that friendship growth season.

5. Thursday: Typically my Thursday night is coffee/drinks with the fantastic artist Jeannie Hart. She’s in the UK for a few weeks, so I had to adjust. I spent the two hours, outside of the dance studio, feet propped up researching tutoring and trying to pass level 137 in Candy Crush.

6. Jimmy Fallon: had a lip sinc battle with Paul Rudd. I’m just going to leave this here:

7. Realization: GirlyK does NOT like boy bands. Sure some of the songs are alright, but it wasn’t until Jimmy Fallon started singing Juke Box Hero that I realized why. With older brothers and a Rock and Roll Dad, she has an eclectic taste in music. It doesn’t matter if the boy is cute, she’d rather sing the song.

8. Lent: is around the corner. Last year I went beyond the numb protestant observation and studied the liturgical significance of it. It was a deeply meaningful and celebratory time for me. I’ve been praying about what direction to take this year. What I landed on was Elizabeth Esther’s Gentle Lent.

9. Rain!!! We got some, about two days worth. Mostly it was spitting, but we had a few beautiful moments that were full fledged big wet drops from the sky.

10. Clean air: Remember a few weeks ago when my air looked like this?

Well… NOW it looks like this. AND we can see the mountains. These are the few days when I realize why people originally settled into this Central Valley town. Take away the particulate matter in the air and it is a pretty place.


  1. You overachiever, you! Two lists! My daughter loves "Mean Girls," so I get the t-shirt reference. And a good message to her to own her own crap. Love her artwork on the glasses, too. Jimmy Fallon = awesome. Glad you got some rain; I know California has been very dry. I always loved my drive to work after a rain when I lived there. Driving over the mountain and into the Valley and seeing mountains and blue sky was delightful! Oh, and any excuse to play Bunco is a good one!

    1. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Don't worry it will pass and I will be back to regular old Late To The Party self next week.

      We have so little weather here that when it happens I want to blow up balloons, fly streamers and DANCE!! It is something about California I've never gotten used to. I miss seasons and change. The rhythm of it all is so soothing.

      It was only my second time playing Bunco-I could get used to it.

  2. Ooops! Think I may have posted a blank comment. Sorry! exciting! We visited the summer of '09 and stayed with some friends of ours in Sidney. I still have Vegemite in my pantry from that trip. It has a long storage life I'm told. Definitely an acquired taste! Hope G has a fabulous time! International travel is great for expanding and stretching one's self! My daughter heads to Iceland in May with a college group and then is traveling solo in Europe for a couple weeks. She'll visit a couple of our former exchange students! Excited for her!

    1. The blank comment didn't post, so you're good.

      What have you put Vegemite on? I don't mind the yeasty/malt taste, its the salty slap that I have a hard time with.

      Iceland sounds exciting and friends in Europe! I am looking forward to hearing about it. I'm excited for her too.

  3. What wonderful opportunities to travel abroad G has had! And you get to play Bunco. I used to be in a Bunco group, but we rarely actually played. ;)
    Those cups GirlyK painted are so pretty!
    Thank you for the Jimmy Fallon clip. The man cracks me up, but I can't stay up that late to watch him.
    Lent has really snuck up on me this year. I almost forgot it starts Wednesday.
    Glad you all got some rain. I look forward to rainy days instead of the snow/ice ones we've been getting.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the lip sync battle- amazing!!!

    And love that you got your daughter the shirt to remind her of friendship. Smart mom!

  5. Sounds like GirlyK's got a a lot going on, which is very cool. I'm glad she's enjoying all the travel and 'seeing-the-world' stuff.

    I've not thought about Lent in any way, shape or form. I didn't realise it was pancake day til they said about it on the radio this morning. And I've no idea if I'm observing it. Blech.


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