Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #40- Normal and Spring

Ten Things of Thankful
Sometimes gratitude lists are easy. Other times, it is the discipline of keeping one that keeps me on track. The last two have been such an exercise.

1. Counting Mutant is on the mend- He has diverticulitis and it flared up. This time was different-it presented as appendicitis. So, he spent 33 hours in the hospital, with IV antibiotics. It was an adventure and I am very grateful it is over.

2. Normal- Monday everyone went to work/school. GirlyK and I had the WHOLE house to ourselves. In the calm quiet, I cleaned and she got all of her school work done.

3. Taco Tuesday- Had an actual date with Counting Mutant and devoured this fantastic Chipotle Taco Salad. The night was made even better when he bought me a new printer.

4. Revolving Nest- Some of my friends are dealing with an emptying nest. Others have an open nest. I feel like mine has a revolving door. Counting Mutant, Ase and Zany pass through at all hours of the day. I really am grateful they all like being around.

5. Gentle Lent- With all the kerfuffle from the past two weeks, I had to remind myself that being gentle with myself was key. This was not a Lent of law and works, but of GRACE. In spite of all the stress, my food has stayed clean. Devotions done and Lenten Cleaning is on course.

6. Yoga-I was able to go this week. In that quiet Restorative hour and a half, I was able to capture anxious thoughts. It has been the best lesson of “Quiet Time” with God. I am finally able to “Be still and know that God is God.”

7. Science- Spring has sprung and we are climbing into the 80*s. There was sweat involved. GirlyK’s caterpillars went into their chrysalis this week. Ladybugs did too. She spent the day watching them crawl up and settle into their spots. It never gets old for her.

8. Friends- Coffee with my great friends this week. It is a scheduled thing: Kathy on Wednesdays and Fridays. Jeannie on Thursdays. Within this season of transition they are this extroverts oasis!

9. Lipsync- GirlyK and I just finished filling our basket and stood in line at market last night when Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” came on. Silliness overtook us and the lip sync/air guitar battle was on. I am grateful my 13yo can be a public idiot with her mother.

10. Dogs- It has been a few weeks since my last dog photo and it is long overdue. Many days this week, the only thing I successfully did was walk them. Watson is happiest when he gets out of the house about four times a day. Without his need, I would not be SO healthy.


  1. Wonderful to have coffee with friends...and I love the beverage too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahhhhh I love that you can be an idiot in public with your daughter and be thrilled to death about it. That's perfect. I did that the other week with Neff, when we went barrelling down the high street, screaming and shouting and giggling, hand in hand.

    We got 'looks'.

    Glad CountingMutant is on the mend! Sounds like a scary time, but thank GOODNESS for prompt treatment for him.

    And YAY! for caterpillars and butterflies. Love them.

    1. I love getting 'looks'. I'm always in hope that the playfulness will spread to their hearts. Life is too short to forget how to play.

  3. since the previous two have covered the plant and insect phylum (or is that kingdoms?) I would put in a word for my favorite life form: dogs! go!! dogs

    enjoyed this post

  4. Oooh! Good post! We do monarch caterpillars every Spring and we were out counting them this far we have eight! It doesn't get old for us either. I am curious about the ladybugs?
    I love the photo with Watson. I mean really love it.
    I am glad to hear that Counting Mutant is feeling better and hope that continues to be the case.
    I have such a visual of you and your daughter rocking to More Than A Feeling (GREAT song!!) and I love it. That she is thirteen and is cool with that....priceless!!

    1. I will try and get a photo of the ladybugs. Their transformation is not as easy to see. You can buy them from Insect Lore though. They are worth every penny.

  5. nice going! and you know I have not seen nearly enough WATSON! So adorable... those ears!

    1. I thought you would like that. Each week I try to figure out a way to post a picture of him, but other gratitudes push him down the list. I will keep working on making sure there is a weekly Watson.


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