Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #38-Wild and Random

Ten Things of Thankful
It has been a full week. As I sit down to write I am so tired I find myself staring at the wall.

But Thankfuls need to be done, so I press on.

1. Medium- My PMDD’s been a pretty ugly beast this week. Like clockwork at 3:00 my chest tightens, pulse races and I have the sudden urge to find a hole to crawl into. Thanks to yoga, it’s been manageable. I was able to recognize when a emotions could erupt and I shut myself down. Deep centering breaths and reminders that nothing is really wrong, just my hormones. In a few days, all will be right again.

2. Monday and Tuesday- were clear as it comes to the schedule. Blissfully I was able to organize my charts and plan for Lent. Remembering the focus was Gentle, I made a simple schedule for an Upward Focus, Inward Focus and Outward Focus. Now that the fun of organizing is complete, the hard part is following it.

Photo taken by RoganJosh
3. Community Bible Study-is an international non-denominational study. Ours has a homeschool program that we’ve been a part of for 10 years. It is a beautiful place to sit with other people who want to follow Jesus and simply discuss. No church affiliations are discussed; simply it is about growing. I’ve met some great friends. The kids had great teachers and community.

4. Moving on-Sadly last week I had to let it go. It had become a burden to go. GirlyK and I are the only ones who attend now and for different reasons we’ve struggled. Trying to make it work for so long it seemed a well that has dried up. It was time for us to look for a different place of community. I woke up Wednesday feeling refreshed and not dreading the day.

5. New possibilities-In letting go of the bible study, I am opening a new window. Leaving our last church was hard and we all feel a bit crispy around the edges when it comes to committing to another. There is one, liturgical style church we have all felt comfortable going to. Each time we brave a service, we all walk away feeling refreshed. In this season of Lent, I am curious to understand their approach to the season.

6. Ash Wednesday- So, Counting Mutant, GirlyK and I attended an Ash Wednesday service. Complete with a choir and pipe organ, my eyes leaked off and on during the service. It was beautiful and humbling. I even signed up for the church’s email devotionals.

This is from last year. I need to snap some pics of that kid.
7. Ase- On Tuesday, Ase came by the house to pick a few things up-he is house sitting for a few weeks. He was frustrated. So… I did my Mom duty and prodded. He began to unburden. Last time house sitting was simply a fun excursion. THIS time, it felt real. Imagining his own place. His own bills. His own fridge. He wasn’t quite ready for this life with us to be over, but he sees it coming. After we talked for about a half hour he said,

“I came home to eat. I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning because I don’t know what to do.”

Yes, as a kid I took him grocery shopping. I’d split the list and each kid would gather their things. We would use the cart for math problems.


This time, he wasn’t helping me shop. He needed to fill his own fridge. He wasn’t helping me with dinner; he needed to cook for just himself.

8. Grocery Shopping- On Wednesday, he and I met and went grocery shopping together. As we meandered through the isles, I taught him out how to shop for 1: looking at expiration dates. How to keep a loaf of bread fresh. How much meat to buy.  Being a part of his growing up takes my breath away.

Look at that angelic face!

9. Zany turned 18 on Friday- and had his own melt down about it. Realizing it means he officially is a MAN! No more kid stuff. The nest is opening and I am grateful to watch them begin to navigate this big world while being a safe place for them to land. Even if it is only for a little while longer.

Did you know there was a Blonde Tarantula?
10. GirlyK-had her favorite field trip on Friday. We live not too far from Insect Lore and drove out for a little bug shopping. Because it was an official field trip, the docent showed them now scorpions glow in black light. She was able to pet a millipede and a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. I was a good Mom and took pictures of them all. You can find them on my Instgram. Most importantly, she was able to pet a tarantula. I told the story here of how she conquered her fear of spiders.

Now she wants one.

I however am not convinced.

What wild and random things are you grateful for this week?


  1. Now you have me wondering...will my kids know how to shop and stock a kitchen for basic living? Add that to the list of things to teach them!
    It will be exciting and interesting and scary to see my kids grow and take flight into their own lives. The time is getting too close for my comfort, though.
    Ten years is a long time to be in a bible study. What a great opportunity for your family. I'm sure it was bittersweet to make the decision to stop going.
    And you are a great mom, taking a child to a bug place.

    1. I didn't realize it either. It was a very on-the-fly moment. I remember when I first moved out, I came from a family of six, shopping was overwhelming. I knew how to shop big, cook big, clean messy. But the daily just me things took me a while to figure out.

      Thanks for the Mom kudos. The look of joy on her face when she does those icky things makes it all worth it.

  2. No thank you on the bugs! But I did go follow you on Instagram! I could not have that in my house. If it got loose, I would have to move out. It's bad enough I have a four foot iguana living here...the things we do for our kids. I sure like your plan for Lent. Sounds simple, doable and totally beneficial. Great job!

    1. I'm not feeling great about it. The boys talked about an iguana, but the life commitment... They have a pet rule, that the animal cannot live longer than they will be living in the house. Since tarantulas live 25 years, and when startled shoot the hairs out of their abdomen-that only a doctor can get out-I don't see one moving in soon.

      Letting the girl dream.

  3. this is such a full and life affirmiing post! jean

    1. Thank you! It felt good to untangle the week, lay it out there and gain some perspective.

    2. Thank you! It felt good to untangle the week, lay it out there and gain some perspective.

  4. Well done you for teaching Ase such important skills. That's brilliant, and that your nest is gradually opening to release your young ones to fly on their own - the culmination of the first part of the point of parenting. A milestone. Congrats.

    Glad you're finding somewhere new. New community. New connections. Fresh water.

    Sounds good.

    And no, I didn't know there was a blonde tarantula, but I have a pink one. It's boring. Tell GirlyK that. The novelty wears off REALLY quick. And they live for 20 years.


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