Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #46

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since Easter. The time was filled with so many good things I feel out of breath.

Ten Things of Thankful

I have to start with Easter Day, cause… well… Brussel Sprouts (1) are the yummiest veggie now that I know how to make them properly.

AND all five of us in a picture (2) Now the boys are men, trying to get them to sit still for family photos is harder than when they were toddlers.

The Cheshire Cat head is coming along (3)

Watson was not feeling well, but he is doing much better now. (4) GirlyK felt sorry for him and went out to lay with him. She ended up falling asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake her for dance.

Could you have woken her up? 

The ducklings are enormous (5). They come to our back door and knock to be fed at least three times a day.

After all of his lifeguard training, it is official… Zany has a job (6). He will be working for the Parks and Recreation department lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons.

This is Zany's second longboard design. 

It rained! In the face of a drought, every drop is exciting (7).

Ase attended the West Coast Dance Explosion in Long Beach (8)

Our view from the hotel room. 

for his final dance convention of the year.

And to our surprise, he won the Elite Dancer award (9). That means he is eligible to perform in Las Vegas for a national award in July. Now the fun part starts of how to financially manage it. Good thing I can sew. I’m hoping to throw a few things into my etsy shop over the next week.

We both need to be pinched. 

GirlyK FINALLY got her own phone. What is her first photo? Her ridiculous feet in pointe shoes. (10)

As for the three things that made me feel like a Worthwhile Human Being:

This was ridiculously delicious
i. Sharing a glass of wine with a friend and listening as she told me what was going on in her life. I love listening to others, watching their souls come up for air and rest.

ii. While helping Ase figure out the hotel, on Monday, Mutant had a follow up test from his ER visit. GirlyK had to attend a school for testing. Watson needed to go to the vet- of course all at the same time. I managed it all with a pretty good attitude in spite of being sleep deprived from the weekend.

iii. I break out in song spontaneously. Often I use this power to lighten a mood.


  1. My daughter used to compete in dance, and it always irritated me that the production company offered up that they qualified for nationals, but it was all at great expense to the parent! We had some good times because of it, though, so I guess it was worth it! Love the picture your daughter took; you really have me sad that my daughter quit dance this year!

    Rain is a wonderful thing! In spite of our tornadoes, we have had very little actual rain (hail does NOT count).

    LOOOOOOVE the duckies! How cute that they come to the door for food! Maybe won't be so cute when they are pooping grown up ducky poop all over your yard, but darling right now!

    1. The expense is overwhelming. Ase plans on saving most of his paycheck till then. Grandparents have been called. Now it is time for the brainstorming for how to make it all happen. He's 19 and the only time he's had this kind of recognition. Still trying to figure out how big of a deal it all is.

      The ducks do leave a duty for me to clean. Good thing it is on the patio and a quick hose down gets rid of it all. This is the first year in 10 they've survived this long. It will make next spring interesting.

  2. Nice to meet you, Rebecca.
    This is a great list with wonderful pictures.
    The Cheshire Cat head makes me smile.

  3. congrats on the dance win! also on getting all the kids in one photo!
    glad Watson is ok ...he is a personal fav of mine!
    Ducks! love em! How adorable... Dyanne is right about poop but for now... awesome... and I agree brussel sprouts are the best... ever have them with balsamic vinegar... devine!

    1. I have not. Putting that on my list now. Thanks for the brussel sprouts hint.

  4. Well done Ase! And well done you on getting the photo, the sprouts, AND your new Three Things of Worthwhile done (by the way, I love them all, and they count most excellently :D )

    I'm intrigued that the ducks KNOCK - do they actually tap on the door with their beaks? My mind is boggling.

    I hope Watson feels better soon.

    1. They do actually tap on the glass door. If we don't answer one, then they move to the other and tap there. If I'm sitting at the computer they cuddle next to the window waiting for someone to pay attention.

  5. Congrats on the win (Elite Dancer), very cool.
    'cellent photo of 'Girl Comforting Dog'….

    now the photo from the hotel room! (I am known for seeing 'odd things' in photos… especially Christine's over at Chicken Coop)… my mind made me see it as one of those miniature/dioramas…something about the focus seemingly in the middle, but the boats are also in focus…neat!

    1. It does look just like that. Our room overlooked The Queen Mary in Long Beach. It was quite spectacular. It was fun to play with the focus on it.


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