Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #47

Ten Things of Thankful

I am grateful for friends who give me projects. (1) These skirts have been on my To Do list for a few months and with Ase's Vegas trip coming I have the motivation to power through them-fibro be damned. The convention fees go out this week. These little pretties will add to the trip fund.

My chiropractor has a new dress, and I made it! Another To Do accomplished this week.(2) I love watching her face light up with excitement when I drop it by.

GirlyK gets her braces off a few months early.(3) She is my rule follower and often catches flack for it, but this time it works in her favor.

We’ve moved up in the world. The Wilderness is a constant contender for the Worst Air in the nation award. (3) This year we lost our #1 spot. We are only #3. It’s ok, there is always next year.

This picture is from a friend's house.
See how the air washes up the mountains like waves?

The Cheshire Cat head is coming along. (4) The first coat is the hardest, but I braved it. Now it sits and waits for what stroke of brilliance will hit it next.

This was my favorite Craft Day of the year. (5) The secret Mother’s Day gift. For our homeschool group, I have the Moms drop off their kids and between GirlyK and I we help them make something sappy and nostalgic. I love the look in their eye as they meet their Moms after, hiding the bag and sternly instructing them not to look. The pride as they leave. It is all the Mother’s Day celebration I need.


I used colored sculpy clay for these.
Ase got his wisdom teeth out. (6) After procrastinating it for a year, they are done. He is healing well and a wonderful patient. Last night before bed he told me, “I don’t need to have another milkshake for a year. Even then it would be too soon.”

Of course the boys had a rehearsal for the spring Alice in Wonderland ballet. It has been a while since I’ve been able to watch Zany dance.(7) The cockles of my heart were warmed.

Tonight is Zany’s senior prom. (8) Of course he is going stag because he is so pragmatic. He has lots of friends that are girls, but none that he wants to spend that much money on. With his own idea of fun he will go, dance with all the single ladies-free and unfettered- true to himself.  

The way the brain works things out in dreams (9).

The Wilderness has three seasons...
Gloomy: November-March
Medium: October- November and April-May
Scorching: May-October
We are in the season of Medium. (10) Soon it will bounce between Medium and Scorching, but for today, I am sitting outside. Ignoring the air and it’s consequences on my sinuses and soaking up the sun and medium air.


  1. You're so talented! Im loving how the cat is coming out! Hope Ase is feeling better and Zany has a blast at the prom. Getting braces off was the best day ever!!! Still remember it!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Ase said he's about ready to post a picture on IG, "I have been cast as a chipmunk..."

  2. Here with my wagon and my stetson and my horse :D

    I loved seeing all the dancing pictures go up in my IG feed. It was great to see them again here.

    I am SUPER impressed with you making dresses. I can barely sew a button back on, and just have so little interest in that kind of craft, I am in AWE of people who can take time to make beautiful things with fabric :)

    1. You would fit right in with your stetson here. I am grateful my Mom taught me how. In a pinch, it is a nice way to make a quick buck or two. I am in awe of people who can draw. Maybe one day we can swap a lesson.

  3. Oh, to be able to make cute clothes like that! It is one homemaking skill I really would like to learn. I'm not even good at sewing a button onto a shirt.
    Zany looks awesome. And he's smart. no need to spend all that money indeed!

  4. Love how crafty you are! The skirt, the Mother's Day gifts! So cute!

    My kids were rule followers about those braces, but neither got them off early. At least they didn't have to go long, though! Congrats to your daughter!

    Your son seems to have fared well with the wisdom tooth thing. My son swelled up like a chipmunk when he had his out. Took several weeks for it to go away.

    Look at the air Zany got on his jump! Awesome! And wise of him to go stag to prom if there wasn't a girl he wanted to spend that much money on. Love his bow tie (my son loves them, too).

  5. Zany sounds amazing! So true to himself. In fact, you captured your children so well in this post. Well done!

  6. Great skirt! I love skirts. I find myself wearing them more than shorts most of the time. I just like the comfort and skirts are just so pretty. It would be nice if I could sew like you. I'm terrible at it!
    I love the Mother's Day crafts! They are all great but those little necklaces are precious. I'm sure they were a hit :)
    I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year. I still remember the pain. Not so much the teeth but the jaw! Yikes! Glad that's over.


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