Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #50

Life is buzzing here at Lilypad the last few weeks. Between looking for ways to earn a little extra to sock away for Ase’s dance competition in Las Vegas to Zany’s graduation from high school, writing took a back seat.

After granting myself permission to write fearlessly honest, the hands on projects quiet brain moments are giving me the time to figure out where and how to start. So many topics demand my attention.

I know… just write! You say, but the thoughts come so fast it becomes overwhelming to keep up with them. So this celebratory list will cover the highlights of the last few weeks. My heart brims.

Ten Things of Thankful

1st Sewing.I was given a last minute job for our area’s Basque Picnic. I had five days to make 25 headscarves for the dancers. I was able to budget out my time efficiently. Take brakes when I needed them AND finish on time. They turned out great.

2nd Watson was an ever vigilant help with the project.

3rd A final batch of ducklings. Flare tends to be the first duck to brood in our area, so she typically ends up with two batches of ducklings. We enjoyed their fluffiness while they survived, and are sad to see them gone.

4th End of the school year. All of the paper work is turned in. Most of GirlyK’s work is finished for the year-anything she has left she will finish on her own. Boredom is not her friend. NOW it is about cleaning out the room and freshen it for a new year.

5th Doctor’s appointment. I visited my LA Fibromyalgia doctor and I am still on the mend. The Guaifennesan Protocol is still working-in spite of how weird it sounds.

6th As long as I can stay disciplined on the Clean Eating, Vitamin B complex and flax seed meal my PMDD will stay in check as well. Figuring out Normal for me is a beautiful thing- holding onto that normal (yummy food temptations) is the hard part.

7th Ase caught a snake. Since Steve Irwin it has been on his Bucket List to channel his inner Crocodile Hunter and catch one. We are sure it was looking for water because of the drought. Ase enlisted GirlyK for help and the two made the most of it.

Nothing like catching a snake to bond a brother and sister.

Isn't it funny that his expression hasn't changed? 

8th Clean air and blue skies. We don’t have many of them around here. With the temperature at a medium and a gentle breeze for a day I reveled in the deep azure embraced horizon.

9th Zany Graduated from high school. Just like that. It’s done. The season of boys and shenanigans has come to a close. Now for all the Manly Adventures.

Zany has the same mischievous curious expression.

All five of us in one place! This is becoming a trend.

10th My Sissy. I am grateful to call her friend, not only my sister. The way she fiercely loves life inspires me. In a Zombie apocalypse, this 5’ badass is who I want by my side.


  1. Congrats on finishing the headscarves on time! Of course, with help like that, how could you not? :)
    Can't imagine my daughter and any of her brothers conspiring to catch a snake. She is getting wimpier and wimpier as she gets older.
    We get clean air and blue skies frequently, yet I still marvel in them every time. Aren't they so pretty?
    Glad you've been able to spend time with everyone together these days.

    1. Thanks! It was the first "rush" project that I didn't feel stressed over. I actually felt like I was on top of things-for once.

      It took Ase a while, but curiosity overwhelmed his wimpy. He tried to catch lizards before, but the wimpy was too strong. I was amazed that he did it!

      Clean air and blue skies are a marvel. The smog is already obscuring the mountains. I am dreading the first wildfire.

  2. I laughed at the comparison photos you shared of your boys' identical expressions as nippers and now as adults. That's awesome. I'm glad they've both been having such awesome moments. I would love to have caught a snake.

    Glad for your wonderful friendship with your sister. That kind of relationship can be so vital and so nourishing. That's a wonderful thing to enjoy.

    HUZZAH for your blue skies and pain management. All sounds like it's coming up sunshine.

    1. When Ase was holding the snake I realized it was the same face. It is funny how a person may change growing up, but the expressions don't. Then Mutant noticed Zany at graduation.

      I am grateful for my sister. I treasure each and every moment 'cause I know what it is like to be without.

  3. SO what do you do once you catch a snake? Do you let it go? I do love that Watson! I was just talking about wanting a Basset again today! He is such a wonderful looking creature!

    1. I'll have to write it up. Ase sent K back to the house for a stick and a pillowcase. She dutifully ran the quarter mile and back for them. He then-in the fashion of Steve Irwin-used the stick to secure the snake so he could pick it up, K taking pictures and video the whole time. Once he had it in hand they proudly walked around the lake for all the neighbors to see.

      After Mutant and I ooed and awwwed over their amazing catch, they placed it in the pillowcase and walked it over to the neighborhood sump to set it free. Of course K got video of that too.

      Watson was a great help.

  4. I loved how you posted pics for comparision. Seeing those photos makes me realize I only have 5 yrs until my oldest graduates hs.

    1. People say it goes fast and It is unbelievable how quickly it does. In 5 years K will be graduating highschool. My nest is thinning so quickly. I remind myself to slow down, savor and enjoy each moment, even if they are driving me insane. Knowing I've sucked the marrow out of those 5 years made both their graduations joyful for me.

  5. As far as I'm concerned, all snakes are deadly.
    How could you NOT finish a sewing project with wonderful help like Watson?
    Skies that blue in southern California? Something to treasure, indeed!

    1. I am NOT crazy about snakes and they know I won't have one here as a pet, but THAT FACE!! Knowing he was checking something off his Bucket List made it easier to deal with. Notice I was no around when the two of them did it. I simply told K where it was. She told Ase and away they went. In ten years it will make a fantastic family gathering story to share: Remember that time...

      Only because of Watson was I able to finish. He would nap for me when I was tired so I could keep going.

      Yes! Blue in SoCa. Even more amazing at the base of the Central Valley where we are. We only get them in the few days of spring, and fall. I love them and breathe deep every time.

  6. Awesome idea to post the comparison photos - same expression! And a snake? I'd have freaked out. But that's me. Shudder.

    1. IThe same expressions kill me with joy. The one where Ase is little, he was showing me a worm he found digging under the plant. I was freaking out on the inside, but I'm a sucker for eyes filled with wonder.


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