Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #57

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been an amazing month and a half. I needed to take a break from writing and social media in order to manage the Real Life demands. It all came to a conclusion last week.

1. Las Vegas- Ase made it to West Coast Dance Explosion Nationals. As an Elite dancer, he competed with a solo and was scored well. Another perk of the win was a Gala performance at the end of the week with the Pointer Sisters. The whole experience was exactly what he needed. I plan to write more about the journey this week.

2. Yosemite-The Mutant and Ase’s girlfriend’s Dad-GFD- planned a Father Daughter hiking trip months ago. GFD applied for a four day backpacking trip in Yosemite and was approved. While Ase, Girlfriend and I were in Vegas they bought the yummy backpacking food, bug repellant and all the other things for an adventure. Mutant, GirlyK GFD and GFSister faced the wild. Fathers and Daughters bonded and had many stories to tell.

3. Zany- managed two houses while we were off. His adventure was responsibility as he juggled working as a lifeguard, walking two dogs, snuggling a cat and making sure nothing exploded. He did well and learned some valuable lessons.

4. Sissy- The day after we all arrived home, my sister needed to move houses. Mutant, Ase and I helped Sissy, Niece and Neph move. We were all hot, dirty and stinky together as we helped them settle into a new place. I am so grateful to have her in my life, full of honesty, love and freedom from judgment.

5. Ruth- My Mother In Law passed while we were all away. Her funeral was a celebration of her life. She was kind, patient and supportive. Her health had been degrading for a few years and we are all at peace knowing she is at rest.

6. My birthday- 46 doesn’t look so bad. Mutant made me ribs and I shared a margarita with a sweet friend. The family dinner was filled with stories from Vegas, Yosemite, Home and Australia-where my friend’s daughter is on a Young Ambassador’s trip.

7. I caught a few hours of rest on Thursday. Downton Abbey was my companion. Each time I watch it, I learn something new. Growing up in an emotionally explosive environment I marvel at the dignity with which the characters in that show express the same emotion.

8. School shopping- YUP! I did it. GirlyK had an entrance exam to take yesterday, so since we were out anyway and all the good stuff is on the shelf, we went for it. It feels good to have the main items out of the way-backpack, dayplanner, folders, notebooks. This week will be spent planning the curriculum and schedule.

9. Padre Pio- A Catholic friend of mine gave me a book about this saint. With all of my Protestant teachings put on my mind shelf, I marvel at the accounts people had with him. Somehow in this old theology of ritual I am finding peace of mind and new perspective on suffering and life’s course.

10. Writing and rest- After applying the word NO, I find myself getting back on track with writing. After posting this, I will lie down and allow my body to catch up with my life. Fibro Ferdinand is not too keen on the heat, the sweat it’s had to excrete or the mad pace life’s agenda has been.

Hopefully with a day or two of rejuvenation, letting Fibro sit under the cork tree like Ferdinand the bull, I will be back to posting and sewing twice a week. Maintaining a Normal is exactly that: a work in progress


  1. Quite a busy month and a half! Happy Birthday - 46 is quite young (I'm only 50). May Ruth rest in peace after having lived a full and wonderful life.

  2. Wow! You really have been going full pelt at life, Rebecca!

    Well done Ase for getting so far in the dance comp. That's awesome. And the trip (and the stayer-homer) sound like they both went well.

    Sorry to hear about your MIL though :( But celebrating her life is a good way around to do it. And YAY for celebrating another year in your life, too :)

  3. Congrats to Ase! Would love to watch him dance!

  4. I wondered where you have been. Sounds like you were very busy on your 'break'! I love the idea of father/daughter bonding on an adventure.
    I'm sorry about your mother in law and hope she is finally at peace.
    I just turned 46 a couple of months ago and no, it's not so bad!

  5. congrats ...
    Sorry about your mother in law and hope your family is at peace as well. The song after that number was lovely... I am always amazed at what parents do with their kids... vegas, the hike... our parents were definitely of a different era...


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