Friday, August 15, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #61

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I am SO not in the mood for this, but that is exactly when I should be writing a gratitude list. So, I’m tying my ass to this chair until I have crapped out 10 great things.

1. Iced coffee-I found the best recipe EVER and am completely and hopelessly addicted to the stuff.

Check out the recipe at treasures and travels 

2. Robin Williams-his laughter, story telling, characters and honesty. He never shied away from telling the truth about things. Whether it was addiction, anxiety or depression, he left us with no excuses. No drugs to blame. Simply his humanity and our frailty. The whole thing made me miss my Brother In Law and all the others who fell into “…that  sleep of death what dreams may come.” Shakespeare

3. The Mutant started a new job- Other than it being a new opportunity and new adventure. I’m kinda holding my breath on how everything will work out.

4. Air conditioning- It’s August, which means I’m way past had-enough-heat deadline. Without aircon, I would shrivel up or melt. Fibro Ferdinand is done with the sweating and the freezing.

5. School uniform shopping- Nothing quite says fun like trying to fit a 5’7” size 0/2ish 13 year old.

Girly told me today, “Mom! You sound more like a teenager than I do.”

My very mature response, “Well, how else am I to deal with your introverted, ironic eye rolls? Like OMG EWWW!”

Yup. Good times.

6. Friends-This weekend a friend is turning 50. It is our final family trip before the school/Nutcracker/normal madness begins. The theme is 80’s.  Keep your eye out for a Preppie, a Stoner, A Punk, a Good Girl, and a Metal Head.

7. Dogs- It’s been pretty blue in my head this week. Never the less, those dogs need a walk. Whether I like it or not, the endorphins were pumped.

8. Michael Brown/Ferguson- Living through the 1994 Rodney King riots, this injustice happening in Missouri brought it back. With a heart heavy, I spent much of the week doing only what I could-praying for peace.

9. Time traveling with friends- My imaginary friend A Mother Life is on holiday in Austrailia. Yesterday morning, I simply needed to know what the future held. She graciously chatted with me and sent me a picture of my tomorrow. Hope is the perfect salve for a weary heart.

10. The dagnabit Gratitude hop- I want to wallow. I want to hide in a hole until the ground freezes, but here I am. Bitching and whining through things of thankful.

Ok… FINE… I do feel a little bit better.


  1. We really have to dig below the surface to find those thankfuls sometimes, don't we? I think you did a great job of it!
    I'm actually envious you have school uniforms. It would make life so much easier if we had them! My daughter said she would only wear one if it was like the ones on Gossip Girl.

    1. Two things have made wearing the uniform palatable. 1. I let Girl get combat boots with buckles. 2. A friend of kinetic told her," Don't worry honey, it's just Drag. We all wear a costume."

      Thanks for the encouragement. It was a dig deep week.

  2. Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors!! Sad, this. And yes, dogs get the endorphins pumping, don't they?

    1. They do! It is nice to have the accountability. They might not be the perfect solution to depression, but a lick on the face helps lighten the soul.

  3. I spent many years fitting (or trying to!) fit a girl with those dimensions. Not easy.

    We have shed tears this week over the loss of Robin Williams. Two generations of this family loved the man. ~May @ Achieving Clarity

  4. Well, so far (and I'm not that that far in, I admit), it's you and me that've written about both RW and Ferguson. This week has brought me DOWN. And you too, I see. So glad you tackled the TToT.

  5. So, so sad about Robin Williams, and it does causes one to reflect about loved ones who have succumbed to suicide. Depression is a cruel disease.

    Air conditioning made my list, too! Not too much longer, and cooler fall temps should arrive.

    1. We won't get fall temps until October. They tease us with 90*, but I don't feel human until we hit 85. One of those Central Valley perks.

  6. nice work… anyone with a computer and an ego can do a Gratitude list when things are going well, not everyone (a fairly small percentage, I would wager) has the will to produce a list when things… what's the word I'm looking for… oh yeah! when things really suck.

    1. I write the best lists when things really suck. It is air to my soul and keeps me from going too far into that dark place. I am grateful to have a community to share them with instead of the lonely journal that sits next to my bed.


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