Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #63

Ten Things of Thankful

Somehow school started here two weeks ago. With every year, my hopes rise with an expectation of smooth schedules, ToDo lists done and a deep feeling of accomplishment. But life here at the Lilypad is never that simple.<br /> <br /> <div class="> Girly started her two classes at the school associated with our homeschool program. Not a huge fan of new experiences, she braved it well (1).

Ase is making some big changes. (2) Some painful and others simply a shift in direction but all of them are brave. Changing his focus in dance, concentrating on school and working on boundaries within relationships.

Zany went on an Honor Flight with his Grandpa and started college. After watching that boy struggle with boredom for four years, he finally has a light in his eyes again. (3) He’s excited about homework and learning again.

Counting Mutant has a new job. No more hunting for bad math as a fraud examiner, he is now a CFO. With all of his Superpowered Math skills and all of his degrees focused together in a single purpose, who knows where this (4) adventure will take him.

Constant interruption. With Girly’s two classes at the school and its schedule. Her homeschool work, the boys in college and working, Mutant on a new schedule I am about to replace our front door with a revolving one. (5) I remind myself that even Jesus was interrupted-more on that later. He took each moment gently by the hand.

I'm feeling like this toad right now.

Pointe shoes. We just bought new ones a little more than a month ago. After the two week break, she put them on for classes. She walked out with bruised and cut heels. We couldn’t get down to LA for a new pair, so she braved (6) Nutcracker auditions with them.

The heels are looking MUCH better.
Nutcracker. Let the mouse and gumdrop madness begin (7). Girly and Mutant have their roles. We’re still not sure what or if Ase and Zany will be able to do the show this year. I’ll keep you posted.

Pointe shoe mission. We finally had the time on Friday to make the trip to LA for shoes. Because Girly has a very high arch, she needs to get them there. Traffic was a breeze and we made it to The Dance Store in record time. 45 minutes later and all these shoes tried on:

 (8) I left with a happy girl in a pair of comfy pointe shoes.

LA traffic (9). Yup. I am a weirdo. I like turning on music and watching the cars dance between the lines. Through jammed tunnels honking Shave-And-A-Haircut then waiting for someone else to honk back “Two-Bits.” I like practicing my patience, waiting my turn, letting someone in and reminding myself that Traffic is a First World Problem.

2Cellos- These two stumbled onto my Facebook feed this week. (10) I love when instruments are used outside their norm. AND of course they are Italian. Enjoy.


  1. You've got the TToT down to an art form, when you can add LA traffic to your list! I'll think of you the next time I'm merging onto the northbound 5 from the 405!

    1. It took many years stuck on the 101 to figure it out. Driving is a bit less stressful now. Remember to honk your horn and then count how many fun people are stuck with you in the tunnel.

  2. the vid! (I am, of course, a huge fan and proponent of a carefully selected video to enhance a Post, TToT and otherwise)….how have I not come across the 2cellos before this?
    …I actually do see (some) of what allows traffic as a Grat Item… (personally, I like the fun of seeing faces pass in the opposite direction going towards whole lives at 70mph)

    1. I've thought that too. So many lives. So many stories going in all different directions. If I can show grace to one life instead of irritation then I'm doing alright.

  3. It will be interesting to do the first ever post-Farrar Nutcracker. I hear that Ming Luke will be conducting, which seems like a good choice. He participated in the Conductor's Workshop a number of years ago, and I remember him being talented and personable. We shall see how it goes jumping in on a single orchestra rehearsal...

    1. The whole Nutty affair will be interesting and exciting this year. The whole thing feels like a Monty Python sketch, but in a good way... AND now for something completely different.


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