Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back to the Usual: #74 Ten Things of Thankful

We survived the weekend of emotions and bitter disappointments. Counting Mutant changed his flight and came home early on Sunday because he simply couldn't be with out us one more minute.

Ten Things of Thankful

1. Nutcracker is circling like a vulture. The good thing about Girly staying home is she was able to make all of the rehearsals. Last weekend is the point in our rehearsal season where individual dances are woven together into scenes. Watching Girly and Zany work together as mice warms my heart.

2. Oreo the guinea pig: While they were in rehearsals, I snuck over and bought all the bits to give the adventurous guinea pig a proper home. When Zany got in the car, he was pleasantly surprised.

3. I think Oreo is expressing his gratitude.

4. I made it to level 300 in Candy Crush.

5. Turtle adventures- Three years ago, Girly discovered a newly hatched turtle-Cinna- in our lake. Of course she “saved” it from the big fish who might eat it. With a promise of keeping only until it was bigger, we made a home for it. A few weeks later, she found another one. It seemed to be from the same batch of eggs. This one-Green Guy- was a bit savvier and it took her a month to catch it.

Early this summer we released Cinna back into the lake. He was big enough and kept escaping from the tank.

Green Guy however, was content to eat lettuce, chase a few fish and sleep under the light.

The past few weeks, his appetite waned. The weather is still nice here, so I suggested we set him free. That way Green Guy could get comfortable in the wide world before winter.

It was fun to watch the little guy race for the water and swim. Unfettered by glass walls.

6. It was Veterans Day here and I am grateful for all those who served in the military. The day is significant for me because of my Dad. He served stateside during the Vietnam War. We lived on base and in military housing until I was around 8. Growing up, in spite of what society said about Service Men and Women, I understood their sacrifice. Their secret keeping. The more we can do to support them, the better.

7. It’s winter and that means most of the time Daisy is in my jacket. Because tile floors are cold on dachshund feet and bellies.

8.. Yoga. I went this week, feeling quite out of sorts because of the disastrously emotional weekend. I was able to go with out one ounce of anxiety-which was nice.

9. Writing and leaning into the pain, is an expression used in yoga a few weeks ago. Because of it I began writing about a very painful season in my life 20 years ago. In Yoga I was able to move past Anger and into what its’ trigger-Fear.

10. Growing up is hard. Especially on the patience of a parent. Watching them make mistakes, opt not to participate or marathon gaming. In the middle of this slow progress for them, I am grateful they even want to be around. They are willing to learn and in small steps move forward in life.

I just need strength as I practice this Virtue of Patience.


  1. Guinea Pigs are such sweet pets. We had them for a while here, but I was so allergic to them they had to go live with the boy's father. He liked them so well that he kept more after the original two were gone.

  2. Oh so much fun in this post. Guinea pigs and saving turtles and turtle antics! Yes the temp has dropped in Florida as well and I am more and more finding the cats trying to sit/lay on me. Luckily our dog is not a lap dog at sixty some pounds and is content to gather my dirty clothes into a bed. He is not particularly fond of laundry day.

  3. Oh, Daisy has such a sweet face--and a sweet name! My oldest daughter had a guinea pig once. That guinea pig adored her. When she returned home from a semester away at college and picked up the guinea pig, Superman (the guinea pig) chirped and chuckled for at least 2 minutes straight. It was obvious that he had really missed her!

  4. Oreo looks happy but I'm still not sold on them as a species. Does he do that 'popcorning' thing that guineas do? Their noise annoys me. Daisy looks more like my kind of critter.

    I'm glad that you had fun rescuing the turtles and that you managed to release them back into the wild. It's so nice that you're willing to help even such lowly critters as turtles.

    Bless your boots for your bad weekend and all the sad and frustrating and difficult things. I really hope that life evens out for you soon.

  5. Guinea pigs are fun pets. I taught ours to whistle when I whistled. They were supposed to be pets for my kids, but they mostly ignored them, so they became my babies. I swear they are the only animal that can poop more than it eats.

    My daughter danced in the Nutcracker for two years when a Russian ballet used to come to town and perform it with local children. It was fun for her to get to be around the professional dancers.

    Level 300 in Candy Crush is nothing to sneeze at!


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