Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sublime and Bizarre with a Side Of Lemon: #73 Ten Things of Thankful

It’s been a bit of the sublime with a side of bizarre and a side of lemon this week

Ten Things of Thankful

1. Life is about play and these people make me laugh.

2. Rain!!

3. Girly wanted to walk in our area’s Juvenile Diabetes 5k for part of her community service hours. A friend’s daughter has this disease. It was so much fun to hang out with them for the morning.

4. Nutcracker is an ever constant source of entertainment. Last year Zany was Mouse King and Girly wore his mouse head. This year they are both mice. When the heads were pulled out, Zany grabbed the one that fit him. Girly was left to rummage for a different one. The after rehearsal home theatrics was epic. The conflict centered on miscommunication not territory, but I did threaten to beat them both with a bag of Halloween candy. The kinks worked out and a solution found. I love watching them work out life together.

5. A Danish Orchestra eating chili peppers.

6. A nap in the sun and a reminder of simple pleasures.

7. It’s official, we’re getting an El Nino! Not a strong one, but I will take any promise of rain for our mostly brown not quite Golden State.

8. With Kramer agility, Zany burst through the door with a bundle in the crook of his arm.

“Mom! There was this Kit Fox. My friend and I were watching it and saw something moving in the bushes. I saw it was a guinea pig! So we chased it all around the park and LOOK!”

9. Counting Mutant and Girly spent the last few months planning a weekend trip to Virginia to see the sights and Colin: A Ballet. It is an original piece from The Manassas Ballet Company telling the story of Director Amy Wolfe’s son Colin. Amy has taken one of the greatest tragedies-losing a son in war-and made it an oasis of healing. Amy is an inspiration of grief and healing to us all.

You can find Amy and Manassis Ballet Theater here

With all the bags packed and ready to walk out the door on Friday night to catch a red eye, Mutant looked for a small piece of information-an official ID for Girly. It was no where to be found. According to everything he read, Girly would not be able to fly without some form of government issued identification. With crushed hearts, Mutant left alone in a flurry of colorful words.

10. Girly cried for much of the night, walking through all the feelings of disappointment. Slept on the couch because she couldn’t face the bag, which needed to be unpacked. Never angry about being left behind because, “Of course Dad still had to go! He made a promise to Amy.”

Yesterday morning I called my dearheart friend Julie in LA to see if an adventure was possible. Turns out they were heading out to an Ever After High screening of the Thronecoming.

Julie is the voice of Blondie Lockes

So in a whirling dervish, we jumped out of our pajamas and into the car.

And turned those lemons into lemonaid. 


  1. Turning lemons into lemonade....Perfection!

  2. There is nothing that cannot be solved by a beating with a big ol bag o Halloween candy! HAHAHAHA!

  3. Ohhh well done you for finding the silver linings and making them happen.

    The new guinea pig is cute, even though I don't generally like small furry critters :) He's making your house happy :D

  4. …and you keep track of everyone how? lol

  5. I love rain in the forecast! We can definitely use it.

  6. Having people who make you laugh is a true blessing.

    That rainbow photo is beautiful.

    Thank you for the Seinfeld reference. Painted a perfect picture. :)

    Enjoy your rain!


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