Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanks full of Thanksgiving: #76 Ten Things Of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

Here in Colony, we are in the waning hours of Thanksgiving. My soul is full and my body is exhausted.

1. This dog:

2. Preparing for Elephants in the Room. We all have them, so I wrote about it.

3. Updating a jacket and having a friend to help.

4. Girly: On Wednesday she came to me and asked, “Mom, can I miss dance today? I would like to finish cleaning my room and I just found the floor.”

What else could I say to that responsible 14 year old?

5. Mutant knows me so well. Yes we did sing the song and danced in the kitchen to it.

The rest of these have to do with Thanksgiving and why my heart is so full.

7.  My friend Jeannie: This is our first holiday without her now that she is on her life adventure. But when I pulled out this rolling pin it reminded me of last year’s pie making. The rolling pin I did have annoyed the crap out of me. So she went out and bought me a proper french one. My life is made richer with her.

6. Working boys: Both Zany and Ase worked on Thanksgiving. Both looked forward to it. Zany lifeguarded in the morning, watching all those who visit Dr. Pool before the feast in the afternoon. Ase worked at the restaurant from 2:00 on. He said there were a few big gatherings but most were groups of four and five. As a family we’ve always had an open door policy. When we find that someone does not have somewhere to be OR that place is not safe, then we invite them to ours. It makes the holiday sweeter.

Cranberry Pear pie filling

7. Mutant, Girly, Zany and I sat down to dinner with a friend who’s family has become complicated within the last year. We ate-not my best turkey this year-enjoyed a laugh. We were not able to go out for a movie because Girly experienced the flu the night before. So, we snuggled up with Stardust.

8. Turkey and Stuffing Omelets: When Mutant was a teen, he stood in front of the Thanksgiving full fridge and wondered what else could be done with turkey and stuffing. He came up with this:

The kids made it VERY clear that turkey on Thanksgiving is nice, but what REALLY matters is the day after. While everyone else is out in the Black Friday madness, Mutant is up cooking the important breakfast. They all declared this year, "We may not make it home for Turkey Thursday, be we will ALWAYS be home for Friday Omelets.

9. Friends in need- A friend of mine found herself stranded in LA. I had been keeping tabs on her all week and she finally asked for help. She had plans for Turkey Thursday, so Mutant and I climbed into the big Beast on Friday for an adventure. After picking her up, we stopped at Pinks-an iconic hotdog stand in West LA-for dinner. Good food, an adventure and listening to the stories of her life made the day amazing.

10. Dinner and inappropriate laughter-OF course that meant that friend needed to come over for dinner on Saturday. Over pizza, coke, icecream, and a smore’s dessert pizza she met Ase for the first time. We laughed at her stories, Mutant’s stories and the summer adventures of Zany. Our home was filled with love and grace.

Who could resist this face?


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE STARDUST! It's so, SO much fun. That bit with DeNiro cracks me up every. single. time. :D

    Sounds like you had a great week (apart from your elephants, though it's worth addressing those) and I'm so glad that all of your brood seem to have behaved like responsible and pleasant-to-be-with human beings.

    Did I tell you, I think that Girly and I now follow each other on Instagram? Certainly she follows me...I'm not sure whether I've got added back or not. I shall try to keep my content '14' appropriate :)

  2. YES!! I saw the exchange about her shower friend. It warmed my heart. She's quirky and anyone who loves my kids gets an automatic approval. Don't worry about your content. I haven't seen anything that would bother me. British people make more sense to her than Americans.

    DeNiro is my favorite!!! I want his closet.

  3. Oh, I could not resist that face. Bassets just make me smile!

  4. (I agree with Kristi) and add, 'though not specific to a given breed, most dogs have an interesting way of utilizing the back of the couch. Una is small enough to simply sit on the top (of the back) of the couch, Bella and Ola before her, being larger, had to do the "I'll put the front half up here and the lower half down there" strategy being so clearly illustrated in photo #1


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