Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #51

Ten Things of Thankful

Still spending much of my time in the Real World, not much writing is happening. This was the first week of our year end Gala. It could be the last one we do as a family. I expect to hide in corners next week at the theater and bawl my eyes out.

The Cheshire Cat head is done! It was such bliss to create this piece.

I covered the tail to match. I will try to get some pictures next week of all the pieces in play. Lewis Carroll would be proud.

Our second Gala as a family was 2005. That year’s theme was Alice In Wonderland, but inspired by the Disney version. I was given the task of making a Drink Me bottle costume for Ase. It was my first patternless sewing project. I snagged it early in the week to make some repairs and wax nostalgic. Time has gone by so fast.

I am part of a photography challenge on Facebook. Making myself do something artistic each day is just what I needed in this transitional season.

First assignment was a self portrait 

Water lilies.

Your weekly dose of Watson. I was able to get Daisy to sit with him so I snapped it.

Water. We have breached the 100* mark. I am not able to drink teas of any sort. Soda is off of my list now too. What I have left as refreshment is water and iced coffee. This week’s yummy is iced water with frozen raspberries.

GirlyK is ever a wonder to me. Instead of being over emotional and drama fixated like others her age, she is astute, analytical and calculated. She floats through the rooms full of noise and high energy. In the car I hear her trying to make sense of it all. Trying to mold friendships within the madness that is dance and theater.

From Cheshire Cat Leg to Tea Party costume and hair change with 3 seconds to spare. Calm, cool and collected.

Ase graduated last year and kept dancing, but it took a toll on his ability to keep up with college. He’s decided to scale back next year. With Zany’s graduation this year it looks like his interests will take him in other directions. I will miss watching them dance with childhood abandon. The responsibilities of adulthood are calling them.

One of the girls at rehearsal grabbed this video of Ase doing a few lifts and posted it on Instagram. He makes it look effortless.

I had a Mickey Mouse album when I was a kid and this song was my favorite. Within this season of graduations, extended family interactions and theater, it is my theme song.