Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vague Simplicity: Ten Things of Thankful #70

Ten Things of Thankful

Hey, look! Two weeks in a row of Thankfuls. It is nice to have the words. Feel room within my soul to weave them together and join in the chorus of Gratitude.

1. Interwebs: I’m a bit of a quirky person. Finding people to play with, talk with and simply walk life alongside can be a tricky thing. I’m grateful for people like Lizzi, an ocean away and eight hours in my future. She was right there, my imaginary-glitter infused-friend filling the store with giggles. Girly and I tried on all the hats. Took all the pictures. The burdens within my soul lightened a bit.

2. Friends: I’ve needed some compassion, validation and perspective this week. I am grateful for the laughter and love given to me this week. Shaking their heads at the stories, they say to me, “You can’t win.”

3. Murky things: Navigating through the request made of me by  Parentals, I am working at honoring it. Understanding that winning is not possible, the next question is how to navigate the now. The process has me walking through some painful scars in order to find a medium. The whole process takes patience. Which leads me to Watson waiting for me to take a walk: he is the picture of patience.

4. Boundaries: Often are elusive to me. As an Extrovert who LOVES all the people, I can get caught up in the fun and forget about my needs. A friend gave me a game plan to use in a particularly foggy relationship. It worked beautifully.

5. Dogs-Sometimes a nap outside fixes everything.

6. Community service-Girly chose to participate in our area’s Juvenile Diabetes Walk for her community service project this month. She’s excited. If you are interested in supporting her follow this link.

7. Weather maps: *snark font* I’m beginning to think Mother Nature has something against California. A whole week’s worth of rain and all we get is a windstorm as it swirls around us.

US National Weather Service Hanford California

8. Little Girls: They grow up. This Girly fills my heart with joy. Keeps me humble and got a hair cut this week. The boys are not quite sure what to do with her.

9. Science Fair reprieve: In Girly’s head she doesn’t have to do one this year. BUT I think she should. I have to thank Jimmy Fallon for giving her this brilliant idea that Ase and Zany cannot wait to help her with. At lunch yesterday the Three were discussing PSI formulas, density, weight, circumference with ALL the sparkles of mischief in their eyes. All I have to do is buy the craft supplies for the board.

10. Growing Pains: Ase and Zany are walking through all the growing pains of early college. Discouragement, mistakes and failures were discussed this week. I am SO grateful that they still want me involved. It is a privilege to be a part of this season with them.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful #69

Ten Things of Thankful

Each Friday I sit down to write my Thankfuls. Just as a thought formulates, someone needs something and off I run. Then somehow it is Sunday and I’m too tired. Too drained.

But today, I tried something different. I read some of yours first and was infused with words. So… here I go, to jump on the bandwagon. OF course late to the party.

1. Writing: As with most people, I have a long and sordid tale of woe. Last week I had lunch with a family member, but this time it was different somehow. So I am honoring her request. Unfortunately for clarity, I need to tell someone the story in order to have a clear head while pressing forward. I’ve found a platform where I can tell my story without making things more complicated.

2. Re-Doing: The boys’ room is done-new coat of paint and loft beds made by themselves and Mutant. They spent two weeks plotting and working together. Now the boys just need to clean and organize it all.

Love watching the three boys working together

Girly wanted to help with the installation 
They really are men, just wearing boy faces in the new beds

2. Zany: THAT boy continues to stretch my faith, patience, character and all the boundaries of reality. While putting on some finishing touches, he fell three feet, caught his foot and landed on his ankle bone. We’re only six weeks away from Nutcracker. After x-rays and an MRI, there is NO damage. His ankle bone only has a small bruise.

3. I have very small faith when it comes to miracles. I struggle even more when asked to pray for one. Yet, I did. So, with Zany putting his foot into a bucket of ice on a regular basis, therapy, Nutcracker is still a GO.

4. Ase: is walking through turning 20. All the questions, life re-evaluations and growing up is hard. I am humbled and grateful that he talks to me about it. It is a privilege to mature our relationship from parent/child to adult/adult.

5. Girly is doing well attending classes at our homeschool’s affiliated private school. She is getting the concepts and doing ok on the testing of them. To my quiet glee, she is even making “friends.”

6. Counting Mutant: This week I had breakfast with a family member as a part of the requested reconciliation. The conversation went as expected: accusation, feelings are reality, my logical defense, and then accord. In unpacking it with Mutant he was able to synonym a few of the accusations. The next conversation I can be better equipped to validate feelings whilst communicating my own perspective.

Mutant posted this on my Book of Face wall

7. A good book: Now that summer is over, all of my cognitive pistons are firing on all cylinders, I can read again. I picked up Jesus Feminist this week. The deep love Sara Bessey communicates is a deep validating balm to my soul.

8. The Weekly Awesome: By Girly’s hero, Sara-with no h cause hs are EWWW!


10 LIZZI: Wading through the hangover of strong emotions from breakfast the day before, I went out. Girly needed to use a birthday giftcard anyway. SO what do you do when you need girlfriend time and she lives across the Pond? Flood instagram with hatted selfies of course.

We liked this one 

Not a fan of this one.
I’m going back today. I wasn’t able to finish trying on all the amazing hats with Lizzi because Girly didn’t have her giftcard. Instagram should brace itself.