Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembering Veterans

Photo taken by Ladyheart
Today is Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day. 

My Dad is a veteran.

Now it is popular to be one, but when I was a kid it was not. Dad wrestled with shame, like many Vietnam Vets. He felt a little extra-because he was stationed here.

He worked personnel. Many faces passed through his office. Some were on their way over; some on their way home. He would tell me about the guilt over the ones he sent over and the question that nagged-which ones came home.

We were stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Hill Air Force Base in Logan, Utah. My Mom played the chapel organ, my Dad worked at the radio station. I would listen as Dad would talk about the new music coming on the scene; Christian Rock which shared hope, all the while being relevant.

As an observer-grown-ups don’t realize how much kids really catch-I watched his pained face as the black screen with names scrolled after the news. When in the car, listening to the radio, songs quickly changed with the push of a button because of a lyric. One time after work tried to run him down. He was in uniform.

The other kids and I had a secret:
Photo taken by mzacha

We loved our lives in base housing. The roar of jet engines and helicopters lulled us to sleep. When other kids stopped playing because of a car, something in the air stopped us because we couldn’t hear each other. Everyone was welcome because tomorrow they might live somewhere else. Being lonely was never an option.

We were proud of our Dads for wearing Blue. For giving their time to our country because the country needed them.

It didn't matter to me if he served in a jungle or in an office. In a jungle he would face bullets, mines and enemy lines. Here in the states, he faced media, people and the feeling of being left on the bench.

Each place held scars.

Both missions held dangers.


  1. What a wonderful thing to have at the conclusion of a very interesting, and fulfilling Veterans Day. As the Dad....I am very appreciative of your blogpost, and indeed, you did capture so much of our lives during our time in the Air Force. In fact, I have become more and more aware of the sacrifices that were made by the children and wives of the military veterans, and was blessed to recognize and honor the veterans who were in church on this past Sunday, but, also, the wives, widows, children, spouses, and friends of veterans who were in attendance as well. God indeed blessed me to have been able to serve, and, I have been able to move out of the shame that I previously felt for not having served in combat, and now, enjoy the blessings that came from knowing that I was able to serve and support my fellow veterans during a very difficult time in our lives, and in our country. Thank you so much! Love...Dad

  2. My previous post was posted from "Anonymous", not because I am, but because I am techno challenged, and did not know how else to post. Then I found the Dad


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