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Define Value

Originally posted on June 11, 2011

We often base a person's value upon an ability to produce a tangible product: monetary wealth, possessions or humanitarian success and notability. If one cannot perform or produce do they have value? How about a person who survives a serious accident with brain damage? What can a baby born with difficulties and only days to live offer? Should we revert to the Spartan way of life; leave them to nature those who cannot fend for themselves?

What if a person's value is existence? The fact that I breathe air, move through space and think gives me importance. I think of the baby that lived ninety days.  His value to his family and community was that he lived. They were able to lavishly love on him. The baby was unable to "do" anything, his mere existence created meaning for those around him. 
The idea that mere existence is enough is the basis for intrinsic value. A worth not based on what I produce, but what I am. This value can have a positive or negative effect upon the world around me. If I treat those around me with equal value and reciprocate the actions they extend to me, then I increase the significance of life around me.  If I treat those around me as if they owe me and I do not return equal action to them, then I am looting another's creative purpose. 
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If we are made in the image of a Loving Creator who is the embodiment of value then our simple
existence is valuable.  It is from Him that our meaning springs. We all are endowed with the ability to create. Our responsibility to discover what form it is to take, develop this creative purpose, and apply it to daily action. If the creative purpose is to respond to people, like the infant, then duty calls for me to execute it with focus. It is out of loyalty to the Creator that I join with people who support my creative purpose. My obligation lies in returning support extended to me. Value for value.
 Wisdom guides me in discernment of whom I trust within my life. She guides me away from those who would loot my purpose through distraction or use me for their own benefit. I am foolish if this type of person is allowed in my life only to complain about it. It is impossible for me to think of myself as a victim if I am aiding them in their thievery. The difficult choice for me is to believe in the value the Creator places in me. I need to be brutally honest with myself as I examine relationships where I have taken selfishly and offer amends.  From this evaluation I will feel freedom to become who the Creator purposed me to be.     

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