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Yes, I Will See Magic Mike

 Originally posted on July 7, 2012

A film inspired by personal experience opened last weekend. After the deluge of posts and comments I hit saturation. On one side of the fence, pictures of dancing naked men sparked a frenzied countdown. On the other, words of religious exhortation and declarations of "purity."

Photo from MovieLine
I am a fan of Channing Tatum. His work as a dancer and actor is admired by all in my house. My boys, who dance, will stop at nothing to watch his artistry and athleticism. Being a fan, I researched his latest film. Read articles and interviews about the inspiration for Magic Mike. In my favorite article, he addresses the dark world of stripping. Similar to Demi Moore's movie Striptease, the window of reality is pealed back to reveal a shadow of what life is like.

In the present society of sexual equality, women expect the same titillating entertainment. Actors like Joey Lawrence sign with Chippendales in Las Vegas for a limited engagement. Girls' night out is more than coffee, cookies and a chick flick. I want to understand what life behind the curtain is like for these men. I did watch "Striptease" for this very reason years ago. Last weekend I was blown away by the athleticism of the pole dancers in "Rock of Ages." 

Photo taken by DaveO
The business of selling one's body is complex. It is dark. The people who choose or fall into this profession often feel trapped in it. Why? Because it isn't a simple job done for a few months to pay the rent until something else comes along. The money is great. The shame is overwhelming. Walking through the grocery store they hear whispers. Men gaze across fast food restaurants and whisper to each other. Christians plug their ears, cover their eyes and run away screaming "purity!" Where would these exotic dancers go if they wanted to leave? Who would interview them? Would the next job they were able to secure pay the rent?

Photo taken by steffenbuus
I am curious about the world Channing Tatum walked away from. I will be watching this film. Why? To enjoy the story telling of Channing, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and others in the film. I will appreciate their athleticism. I will also step outside of my comfort zone to learn from the social commentary presented. I hope it will open my eyes and ears. I hope it teaches me grace and humility.

 "There, but for the grace of God..." John Bradford

Afterword:  I did see the movie and it was exactly what I expected: seedy, and tragic. I admire anyone who chooses the uncut path.

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